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Its been a while, well life has been busy for me, being a mono mom, working, try to figure out where everything I m doing will take me and how I should approach life to heal  myself, is a lots to deal with but Im very content and happy to share this post with you all.
online shopping is very convenient specially during this moment and also for mother, and single mom are the most affected which include me and these tips could be very helpful for one, so I'm patterning with Techwarn to share with you guys some online tips on how to find good deals online and staying safe with your loved one at home.
The world of shopping has changed greatly with improvements to the internet. Even though the brick-and-mortar stores are still here, shoppers now prefer to go online for their wares and daily needs. 
Given the convenience and ease that the e-commerce shopping model provides, there is little surprise as to why it has become popular. However, you might not be getting the best out of your e-shopping experience yet. That is why we have created this guide to remedy that situation.

Why You Need to Find Deals Online
There are a variety of reasons why you should be on the lookout for online deals.
For one, you were used to these deals and discounts when you were shopping in-store. The fact that you are switching to an online model does not mean you have to give out that sweet part of the purchasing journey. 
Likewise, you should look for deals because they are there. Online retailers know that not everyone has the time to dig deep for these deals and will not always put it out there. If you know where to look, and how to look too, you will most likely always come up with such deals from time to time.
Finally, price discrimination and dynamic pricing models are always at play with different e-commerce stores. 
That simply means that the owners of these stores will display different prices on the items that they carry due to different factors. Here, someone in the US can see a product selling for one price while another person from Canada will see a different price.
The first culprit in that issue is the exchange rate. Since many countries have different currencies, there has to be a way to make payments. What you might not know is that the retailer sometimes sets exorbitant exchange rates to take advantage of the situation.
At other times, the price on the items will fluctuate based on where the shopper is from. If your IP is tracked to be from a location perceived to be more affluent than another, you will be getting the higher end of the pricing ladder. 

Getting Deals Online
Now that you know why you should seek out online deals when buying stuff, it remains how to find those deals. Fortunately, we have just the answers for you right here:
      Shop around– when you want to get any item, look around different retailers before you settle on buying from anyone. That will show you where the item is being sold for the least price, or if it has a general price all around.
      Use coupons– many e-commerce websites have coupon codes that you can use to subsidize your spending. While you can sometimes find these on their websites, some third-party websites also offer a list of free coupons you can use for your shopping. A simple search will bring these up
      Choice of retailer– you might not know this, but some retailers will offer you in-store credits on top of your purchases. These credits can be converted into money to be spent within the store at any time. You can even choose to rack up the money and use it for shopping costs, pay VAT, etc.
      Use a VPN– sometimes, getting the best deal can be as easy as downloading a VPN. With one of these apps, you get to connect to different servers from all around the world and shop like you were there. Thus, you can fool the retailer into thinking you are from another part of the world and getting their product for cheaper. Remember dynamic pricing up there?
Get a suitable credit card– if you are in a region that supports the use of credit cards, look for those companies that give you cash backrewards on your purchases. In short, you get paid back some money for buying stuff with the said credit card.


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I love a deal! Perfect timing for online shopping. Thank you for sharing!

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thank you Sidney

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