Wednesday, 6 May 2020


Summer is month away, a season must of us  are all looking forward to enjoy; to me it is because of how the sun make me feel, I will say, but also the wait of long winter, always running to stay warm inside, not to forget the struggle of wearing heavy jacket which can be exhausting, while when it is warn outside we can wear light clothes and mostly no need of umbrella. The sun is out early and go down late, we can enjoy extra hours exploring the city; eating out with friends and family. It also make us smille more often than usual and get to talk to new people  because we are not rushing to go inside, clearly it is awesome but  every good thing  has cons but  there is a safe way to enjoy the sun. Summer is a great saison but we need to prepare our self and be caution to avoid sun dommage, which could cost time and money to get ride off.  here I'm gonna share few summer essentiels that will help you enjoy summer with less damage.

WATER Hydratation is KEY to keep our organism healthy inside and out at all time,   we need to drink a good amount of fluide all the time and drink a little extra when it is summer, because it is very hot outside so we need to hydrate more often because we get thirsty very often. I drink at least two liter of water a day which is recommended. I use BIRTA CARAFE with filter,  is a good way to use less bottle of water  and participate to better our environement and leave a clean planet for the futur generation. So drink a lot of water;  hydrate your body inside and out and enjoy your summer peacefully; when caring for the planet. 

SUNCREAM; Always wear suncream even if it is not summer but even more during summer; it protect your skin from skin discolouration and sun burn. I love using Garnier Ambre solaire sensitive expert + , it protect me well and you can use it on face and body very affordable. 
SUNGLASSES; I do not wear sun glasses all the time it is not my thing but I wear it during summer to protect my under eyes area against the sun to avoid sun damage. I got myself a nice RAY BAN sunglasses the aviator one, a classic and great style for summer. 

We must carry deodorant during summer because we sweat more which increase body smell and need to refresh every few hour, VANILLA is sure my favorite scent , I opte for the aluminium free deodorant for health purpose,  and eco friendly brand LE PETIT MARSEILLAISuse gentle ingredient in their product. I like their brand, and feel good on my body but it does not last all day so we need to refresh two or more time a day to stay fresh; I also mix it with a neutral deodorant stick which I use first and put the vanilla on top of it that way I dot have to refresh every 2 hour.

I'm not a fan of head cap either, because I think they are not feminine, but during summer it is an absolute must. I buy mine from mono prix, it is very chic stylish one I think, I bough it during summer last year and it fit my most of my outfits, so I love it. Ladies if you do not like head cap that is fine, but shop around  it is ok to try new thing and usually come out great . I got to say new thing is uncomfortable but it is a great way to grow.


It keeps me company and allow me to learn and grow. One of my favorite book is eat love pray of Elisabeth  GILBERT it is such a story telling book of her life and all she has been through  during her divorce to find herself and enjoy living with her passion. You guys mariage is hard, divorce is even harder and divorce with kids is bonus harder so be careful with your choice out here because human being is an unknown ,  I will recommend if you need a book of advise from woman to a Woman,  what we dint usually tell to each other face to face can be found in reading; I love it I will read it over over again.

to write down all the good idea that come to your mind and your soul, it makes your though a perspective to  become a goal you can accomplish. I always write down idea that come to my mind especially the one that keep coming in your mind,  must of the time thats your calling. I also write my day, a special meeting of stranger in my day who taugh me something that I will cherish through life.

I love carrying Vaseline around to moisture my lips to 

Summer is my favorite saison  because I can stay outside play with light fun outfits on and the great felling of the sun on my body is amazing. These essentials  make it easy to be safe and enjoy  the short season of summer.

I HOPE these essentials helps you get prepare for an enjoyable summer, let me know it the comment section what is your favorite or must have for summer. THANK YOU for stopping by.

Monday, 27 April 2020


chicmumclub: TOPS TIPS FOR FINDING ONLINE SHOPPING DEALS: HELLO HERE  Its been a while, well life has been busy for me, being a mono mom, working, try to figure out where everything I m doing w...

Tuesday, 21 April 2020



Its been a while, well life has been busy for me, being a mono mom, working, try to figure out where everything I m doing will take me and how I should approach life to heal  myself, is a lots to deal with but Im very content and happy to share this post with you all.
online shopping is very convenient specially during this moment and also for mother, and single mom are the most affected which include me and these tips could be very helpful for one, so I'm patterning with Techwarn to share with you guys some online tips on how to find good deals online and staying safe with your loved one at home.
The world of shopping has changed greatly with improvements to the internet. Even though the brick-and-mortar stores are still here, shoppers now prefer to go online for their wares and daily needs. 
Given the convenience and ease that the e-commerce shopping model provides, there is little surprise as to why it has become popular. However, you might not be getting the best out of your e-shopping experience yet. That is why we have created this guide to remedy that situation.

Why You Need to Find Deals Online
There are a variety of reasons why you should be on the lookout for online deals.
For one, you were used to these deals and discounts when you were shopping in-store. The fact that you are switching to an online model does not mean you have to give out that sweet part of the purchasing journey. 
Likewise, you should look for deals because they are there. Online retailers know that not everyone has the time to dig deep for these deals and will not always put it out there. If you know where to look, and how to look too, you will most likely always come up with such deals from time to time.
Finally, price discrimination and dynamic pricing models are always at play with different e-commerce stores. 
That simply means that the owners of these stores will display different prices on the items that they carry due to different factors. Here, someone in the US can see a product selling for one price while another person from Canada will see a different price.
The first culprit in that issue is the exchange rate. Since many countries have different currencies, there has to be a way to make payments. What you might not know is that the retailer sometimes sets exorbitant exchange rates to take advantage of the situation.
At other times, the price on the items will fluctuate based on where the shopper is from. If your IP is tracked to be from a location perceived to be more affluent than another, you will be getting the higher end of the pricing ladder. 

Getting Deals Online
Now that you know why you should seek out online deals when buying stuff, it remains how to find those deals. Fortunately, we have just the answers for you right here:
      Shop around– when you want to get any item, look around different retailers before you settle on buying from anyone. That will show you where the item is being sold for the least price, or if it has a general price all around.
      Use coupons– many e-commerce websites have coupon codes that you can use to subsidize your spending. While you can sometimes find these on their websites, some third-party websites also offer a list of free coupons you can use for your shopping. A simple search will bring these up
      Choice of retailer– you might not know this, but some retailers will offer you in-store credits on top of your purchases. These credits can be converted into money to be spent within the store at any time. You can even choose to rack up the money and use it for shopping costs, pay VAT, etc.
      Use a VPN– sometimes, getting the best deal can be as easy as downloading a VPN. With one of these apps, you get to connect to different servers from all around the world and shop like you were there. Thus, you can fool the retailer into thinking you are from another part of the world and getting their product for cheaper. Remember dynamic pricing up there?
Get a suitable credit card– if you are in a region that supports the use of credit cards, look for those companies that give you cash backrewards on your purchases. In short, you get paid back some money for buying stuff with the said credit card.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Sun screen

I'm not familiar with sun screen because I'm an African raised child, I didn't heard about it until I travel to European countries; even though we live on tropical climate. I think it is misinformation and lack of dermatologist  in African countries. African skin suffer for sun damage as much as other types  of skin; sun exposure without sun protection is really bad for your skin health. Blemishes, skin discoloration, skin cancer can be caused by unprotected skin during sun exposure. I learn it the hard way through traveling; reading and my interest about skin care. sunscreen for our body is a serious matter for every type of skin colour or texture.  

Being out on the sun without sunscreen totally discolored my complexion and clog  my pores, which I did not like at all so I wanted to find a solution to get my skin to the complexion It supposed to be. Trust me it is not fun at all and take time and dedication. It took me almost year to clear sun burn,  which I could avoid by using sun screen. 

I know it is an extra step on your skin care regimen but it is the most important because it make our skin care regimen effective and protected. you need sunscreen all year long even when you feel like there is no sun out as long it is day time you have to put on sun screen.

Right now I'm using skin code and lypikar sunscreen and they both are very effective every morning after my normal facial routine I put it on top of my face and also any part of my my body that will be in contact with the sun. You also have to make sure the sunscreen you buying is suitable for face and body instead of buying two different one. Never use the body sun screen on your face and always read instruction on how to use your product. I prefer the one for body and face. 

I also use it on my kids, train them early, they have special range for kids my favourite one is from Lidl , very affordable and effective. My daughters take it as a fun game the ask every morning to put them on sun cream before they head out, we all enjoy it together.

Its looks oily and grassy at first but you will get use to it and it will avoid you sun burn, healthy looking skin and you can enjoy the sun in peace.  Share with me your favorite sun screen experience or product; hope you enjoy the reading.  

Monday, 1 July 2019


Our Body is what we are and it should be given all our attention. Since my teenager years I always had strong attention on how my body change and has not change since, even though these past few years i was not vigilant and refused to accepted some change, but I came to conclude that no body will care better about me than I. As time past we grow, and our body with us, my body went through a lots of changes which include  hair loss, skin discolaration, muscle pain fatigue, weight loss, no focus, anaemia I could keep listing. I try to cure it my self by taking vitamin, home remedies and anything I could find through blogger, reading but did not work .

 I decided to see a doctor and  and explain my concern to him . He made me run blood test to find out that I m suffering of iron deficiency , what was the cause of all the symptoms I have, he said I need to get 3 months of iron because of my deficiencies in iron which give me anaemia caused by lost of a lot of blood during my menstruation and so many other medicines to regulate my immune system. Deficiency in iron promote fatigue hair loss, raison why my hair do not grow equally; a lot of blood loss during  period time it is not life threatening but it can reduce your ability to get thing done and make you feel weak all the time. It also delay how your brain function because it brings oxygen to your brain to help your brain function well, when you do not have enough iron in your blood you tend to forget easily. 

To avoid bad functioning of your body you need to see your doctor explains the symptoms you have because in long run it can be bad for your health. Sometimes it is hard to get comfortable with your physician specially when it is a man for Woman and if he is handsome, ladies handsome intelligent man are one of my weakness; but hi breath and explain your concern so you can look and feel healthy. Usually they will prescribe you a blood exam like I did to know exactly what you need unless to buy medicine you do not need; it also helps save money... mom on budget is writing do not judge me.

 As life get busy, it is also difficult to eat all the right food  to absorb all the vitamins our body need; that's why we do have alternative to compensate our daily vitamins using pills. Remember you need to feel physically and emotionally great to be your best specially  for mom see a doctor if you feel something is wrong it will save you time and money.

I also find very hard to keep up with vitamin  actually medicine in general I can not complete a whole treatment. Taking pills every day is not my thing, because I dont like medication at all, also because it is every morning before you eat anything, as a mom my morning schedule are very intense, so I sometime forget it and mess my whole cure. I have decide to use box pill holder with all the day on it  to help me remember and be consistent with my vitamine routine. I can prep my med for the whole week and keep it in my bag if I'm on hurry in the morning I could do it on my way to work.

symptoms of iron deficiency are multiple here are the one that I have found and could get horse if you  do not cure it.
Here they are:

When you do not have enough blood cells, your oxygen absorbing capacity decreases and you get exhausted easily.
Paleness Skin
you have an unusually pale skin, it is a sign of reduced blood flow and decreased the number of red blood cells caused mostly due to iron deficiency.

Weakness and lack of stamina
Reduced iron content leads to decrease in RBCs and hemoglobin present in the blood responsible for transporting oxygen to different parts of the body. Due to insufficient RBCs, the body becomes oxygen starved and lacks energy and endurance.

Headache, dizziness, and lightheadedness
Iron aids in the functioning of neurotransmitters. Deficiency of iron leads to less than normal performance of neurotransmitters causing mental draining such as a headache, dizziness, and difficulty in focusing.

Due to inadequate iron in your blood, your body lacks hemoglobin which is responsible for absorbing and transporting oxygen in your body. This starves the body of oxygen and causes fast heartbeat and difficulty in breathing.

Brittle nails
Iron deficiency also shows effects on our nails and hair. It causes brittle, concave shaped nails which look thin and fragile and cannot be revived even by manicure or pedicure.

Inflammation or soreness in muscles
A Little bit of soreness and pain in muscles after a workout is normal. But if your body is iron deficient, you will feel burns or soreness is your muscles for a longer time than usual. This is because iron deficiency weakens your immunity system deprives your muscles of the ability to recover quickly.

Poor appetite
Iron is beneficial in increasing appetite, especially in young children and infants. Thus, it is evident that lack of iron intake will lead to smaller appetite. So, parents must ensure that their children get the adequate amount of iron through diet and supplements.

If you are experiencing any of this symptoms see a doctor, have a blood test done read about intake vitamin in your body you will know the importance, also what ever you fell something anormal about your body ask for blood test to know what wrong with your body, then you can get an appropriate cure  .

I also use 

Aids in heart health, boost mood, relive symptoms of PMS; reduces muscle weakness and cramps

Builds and maintains strong, healthy bone. Aids in proper heart, nerve and muscles function.

Collagen powders 
It is an essentiel composante  to keep skin looking good and healthy .

improves energy, helps oxygen flow throughout the body, support immune function and maintains muscle function.

All vitamins are important in order for you body to function efficiently, so pay attention to you body functioning; make sure everything look normal inside and outside. Your body is you your temple so enjoy caring for it like nothing else.


HELLO , Summer is month away, a season must of us  are all looking forward to enjoy; to me it is because of how the sun make ...